What are the odds of getting Ronaldo in a Pack?

People spend hundreds of pounds/dollars on FIFA packs every year in the hope that they will land one of the game’s best players. But have you ever stopped to think about the chances of landing one of the rare superstar players in a pack? We have. We teamed up with the best FIFA database website UltimateDB in order to find the answer. There are thousands of players, club items and consumables available in FIFA 15 packs and as EA are unlikely to answer our question directly (as it would scare people off buying packs for life) we started with some calculations.

Our good friends at UltimateDB have devised a great metric by which you can judge how often a player is traded in the game. It calls this CardWeight and it shows a ratio which gives a good impression of how many of a particular card have been traded compared to all the other cards. Each card type os then given a score based on the amount of times it has made it onto the transfer list. Obviously some cards will be kept by the people that find them, so it isn’t 100% accurate, but it is the best metric we have to work with.

UltimateDB state that by dividing 300,000 by the card weight number, you can get a rough idea of the odds of finding a particular card in a pack. As there is nothing stopping EA from giving you the same players each time, the odds do not decrease every time you buy a pack. Each pack of the same type has the same chance of including Ronaldo, no matter how many you buy.

Let’s do some examples – we’ll save the best until last…

Mario Gomez has a card weight of 46 os you have a 1 in 6500 chance of getting this playmaker who only sells for a few thousand coins.

Gareth Bale’s card weight is 23 so you have a 1 in 13,000 chance – not great odds considering the most rank outsider in a horse race is only placed at 100/1

and Ronaldo is 1… which means that you have a very slim 1:300,000 chance of bagging him in the next pack you open.

As you can see, the chances of getting any good rare players in a pack is very low. That is why we recommend buying coins rather than wasting money on packs. With coins bought from a reputable seller such as FIFA Coins Online you can buy the amount of coins you actually need to go and buy the player(s) you want. There is no luck involved. Imagine you wanted to buy Courtois as your goalkeeper. He sells for roughly 60,000 coins and has a player weight of 30. That means that you could buy up to 10,000 packs and still not get him, or you could spend a few pounds and have him in your squad within a few minutes.

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The fastest way to a great Ultimate Team

Building up your FIFA Ultimate Team can take quite a long time and for many of us, it takes far too long! Playing with a squad of average players is fine to begin with as many people you face online will also have average quality squads. But the more time goes by, your opponents’ teams become stronger and your current stock of players feels worse than ever.

We have teamed up with FIFA Coins Hero to offer some great tips on how to build your Ultimate Team quickly and effectively:

Rotate your players for easy games.

As in real life football, your players will become tired after several games and they will need a rest in order to recover their energy. If you are playing against an easy opponent such as a computer player, take that chance to rest your star players on the bench. Doing so will save you loads of coins on fitness packs.

Make use of free players.

You may think that the players you get for free in packs can’t help your team. Maybe some of them won’t, but you can use free players to plug gaps in your team and to aid in the rotation method above. That way you will not be using up valuable contract cards unnecessarily.

Buy players in the right positions.

This tip seems simple enough, but many people waste loads of coins by buying expensive position changing cards. If you make sure to buy the player in the position variation that you want from the transfer market, you can save yourself thousands.

Play single player leagues and tournaments.

While playing the game online is great fun and offers the extra incentive of playing against a real player, spending time playing the single player modes give you access to easy coins and tournament bonuses. If you want more of challenge then you can always try and use a lower strength team to beat your computer opponent.

Use coin boosts.

No we are not talking about any coin generators or game hacks, we simply mean that you should make use of the unlockable coin boosts with the game. These can be accessed depending on your level by going to the EA FUT Hub menu (normally accessed by pressing the right analogue stick button). These boosts will reward you with up to 1000 extra coins per game you play.
If you are in more of a hurry to build your FIFA 15 Ultimate Team you can always buy coins from a reputable coin seller online. FIFA Coins Hero is one such supplier based in the UK.

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FIFA 15: Defending

One of the biggest changes in FIFA 15 compared with earlier versions of the game is the level of tactics involved in defending properly. Gone are the days when spamming the standing tackle button would result in the ball magically sticking to your defenders’ foot. There are now many more ways for attacking players to get past players and create chances which means that defending has got infinitely harder to master.

The good news is that this new level of complexity has resulted in many people even attempting to defend properly and they are sticking to their old habits in the hope of some kind of defending miracle. If you can get even half good at defending using FIFA 15’s new control system, you will instantly become much better than about 75% of other players online.

There are too many changes and scenarios to mention here, but take a look at some of our top defending tips to get you started on the road to more clean sheets:

  • Don’t use slide tackle in the box. The game seems very sensitive to any contact made using slide tackles and they are not as effective as many other types of defending, use only as a last resort.
  • Make use of the push pull button, but don’t try and hold on to an opposing player, doing so will result in a freekick and possibly a card. Use it just enough to make an impact on the opposing players’ stride and make use of that to get close enough to make a proper tackle.
  • Don’t be afraid of backing off. Doing so can allow extra players to come back and help defend a dangerous situation.
  • Maintain your shape! Don’t drag a centre back out of position if another player could do the same job. Make use of your midfield players when defending.
  • When defending corners and crosses you should try and get airbourne as early as possible. If the attacking player gets in the air before your defender your chances of winning the header are slim.
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FIFA 15: Creating Chances

Due to the changes in FIFA 15’s defending tactics, creating chances has become a little easier especially when playing against the computer AI. However, add a human opponent into the mix and things can quickly become harder again.

If you are playing against a friend or even a random person online, you will find that their tactics vary drastically from the ones the FIFA 15 AI uses in the single player version of the game. If your opponent is a seasoned FIFA player then it is likely going to be much harder to break them down than when playing the computer opponents.

Some of our top tips for successful chance creation against a decent FIFA 15 opponent:

  • As is true in real football, early crosses where the defenders need to run back towards their own goal are the hardest to defend against. So use the opportunity to get an early cross in if possible. Your forward players running onto the ball will have the advantage over any back-tracking defenders.
  • Use through balls to get past banks of midfield players. Through balls aren’t just for use as a final ball, they make it much easier to break through the opposing midfield bank of players and even provide a safe route out of defence against teams with high pressing tactics.
  • Vary your style of attack. Becoming predictable is a very bad thing indeed. If you only have one style of play then it will be ten times easier to defend against your attacks. Make the most of the wings and wide areas, but don’t be afraid of running through the middle if the space opens up.
  • The timing of passes is critical to their success. If you want your forward to run onto a through ball, make sure not to play the ball too early. Delay until your forward is almost level with the last defender and then set him free. If done properly this tactic should open up the biggest gap behind the opposition’s defensive line.
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